What is OD2WD ?

OD2WD is a project supported by Wikimedia foundation. OD2WD is made for the Wikimedia Foundation-funded project "Enhancing the Indonesian content of Wikidata", supported by Wikimedia Indonesia. The project is co-administered by Adila Krisnadhi, Fariz Darari, Muhammad Faiz, and Gibran Wisesa from Faculty of Computer Science, Universitas Indonesia


Why OD2WD ?

The Open Data initiative has been adopted in various degrees by many countries around the world due to a number of benefits it offers. However, challenges remain on the findability as well as usability of such data. A solution to improve this situation involves the cooperation of Open Data providers (i.e., governments and public institutions) to provide Linked Data infrastructure beyond just putting CSV files online. The OD2WD project provide a semantic bridge between Wikidata, one of the most prominent Linked Data repository, and Open Data portals in Indonesia, providing linking between those publishers. This project mainly divided into two fold: Data Import and Semantic Enrichment. Data Import is a method on how to identify potential data which can be imported to wikidata sourced from open data portals, while Semantic Enrichemnt is method to analyze potentially enriched dataa in Open Data Portals by linking its entities, create semantic enrichment framework, and implement the proposed semantic enrichment over the Open Data Portal's datasets and demonstrate its added value. The goal or output of the OD2WD project is the creation of links between data in Wikidata and Open Data portals of Indonesia through data imports and semantic enrichment. OD2WD

OD2WD Team

Adila Krisnadhi Ph.D.

Fariz Darari Ph.D.

Muhammad Faiz

Gibran Wisesa

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